Securtiy as a Service

Clean Internet Service (Anti-DDoS)

Nayatel Clean Internet Service (Anti-DDoS) protects networks, applications, and websites against attacks, safeguarding the performance of legitimate traffic. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks range from small to large and volumetric incidents, posing a huge risk to service availability. Our clean Internet provides protection and defense, with directed mitigation, and an extensive threat detection system that ensures irregularities against application layer DDoS attacks are discovered and managed effectively.


Advanced Detection capabilities

Our solution uses advanced detection capabilities to detect DDoS attacks and it can be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Always-on protection

Inline deployment allows always-on protection enabling highly sophisticated scrubbing capacities.

Focused Mitigation

Only remove the attack traffic with diversion/reinjection mitigation architecture, without disrupting the non-attack flow.

Comprehensive counter measures

Protect your business from the most complex application layer attacks by creating white and black lists and using complex filters.


Select Bandwidth Limit

The price per Mbps applies to our clean internet service only and does not include bandwidth costs.

End Point Security

End points can serve as the entry point of the organization’s critical network. End point security service provides protection against cyber security threats and malicious actors. Our End point security solution can provide central control over end points and it is combined with multi-layered next-generation threat detection and blocking capabilities.


Centralized control over end points

A central server that allows centralized control and monitoring of all end points and their security policies from a single console.

Advanced threat protection capabilities

Our end point security solution uses advanced technologies to detect and block malware, ransomware, and other types of attacks.

Customized policies for end points

Customized policies can be made to the specific needs and requirements of different departments, teams, or even individual users.

Multi-layered security

Ensures protection of end points in multiple layers including firewall, intrusion prevention, Device control, Application control and web control, to ensure that networks and devices are protected against a wide range of threats.



NGFW Service

With the increase in network attacks, we offer a Next-Generation Firewall service that is specifically designed for protection against all types of network attacks and network intrusions. It provides advanced threat detection engines that inspect encrypted web traffic and monitor and block network attacks and intrusions.


Advanced threat protection

Advanced detection and protection technologies to detect and block attacks and intrusions.

Advanced malware protection

Advanced malware protection features, such as file reputation, help to identify and block malicious files and other types of malware.

Block Vast Network Attacks

Network attack protection capability helps to protect against a vast variety of network-based attacks and malicious traffic before it reaches the targeted resources.

Customized security Policies

Allows to create and configure specific security rules and settings based on specific needs thus ensuring a more granular and effective security posture.

Up to layer 7 IPS/IDS

Provides intrusion prevention and detection capabilities up to the application layer of the network stack.

Unlimited Access control rules

Allows for the creation of an unlimited number of access control rules to manage and restrict network access.


Select Protection Type

Quantity Price
Number of VM's - 1 + PKR 12,000 /VM
Quantity Price
Number of VM's - 1 + PKR 18,000 /VM

VPN Tunnel (IPSEC)

Any data that is being transmitted over the internet is vulnerable to different attacks. We provide IPSEC tunnels that can provide security of the data when transmitted over the internet. Data transferred over the IPSEC tunnel is protected from alteration, eavesdropping, data mining, and an interception.


Network interoperability

Designed to work with different network topologies and configurations, including public and private cloud environments, on-premises networks, and hybrid networks.

High availability and redundancy

Appliance redundancy comes inherently with this setup, Data center redundancy is possible as well, depending on the criticality of the service.

Supports latest protocols

Supports the latest protocols, such as IKEv2, to provide the highest level of security and compatibility. IKEv2 is a widely used protocol for IPSEC VPN connections that provides faster connectivity, improved performance, and stronger security.

Customizable security policies

Customers are able to customize the encryption, authentication, and key exchange algorithms used by IPSEC, as well as define access control policies, such as firewall rules and network segmentation.



SIEM Service

We can provide SIEM services to your organization. With the help of our SIEM software, logs from multiple sources can be collected on one central platform to observe potential security events and incidents.


Real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities help to quickly detect and respond to security threats.

Intrusion detection System

An intrusion detection system (IDS) that can detect and alert on known and unknown threats, including network and host-based intrusions.

File integrity monitoring

Monitoring of files to detect any changes, including unauthorized modifications, deletions, or additions.

Vulnerability management

Capable of detecting of vulnerabilities in your systems and applications, and provide recommendations for remediation to ensures systems are up to date


Select Type of service

Shared service

  1. In a shared SIEM service, the same SIEM instance or platform is shared among multiple organizations or customers.
  2. This service is for agent-based devices. For Agentless devices, please contact our sales representative.

Dedicated service

  1. In a dedicated SIEM service, SIEM instance or platform is dedicated to a single organization or customer.
Quantity One Time Price/Device Monthly Price/Device
Number of devices - 1 + PKR 2,000 PKR 15,000
Quantity One Time Price/Device Monthly Price/Device
Number of devices - 1 + PKR 2,000 PKR 15,000
Quantity One Time Price/Device Monthly Price/Device
Number of devices - 1 + PKR 2,000 PKR 15,000

SOC Service

Our highly skilled and certified team can provide Security Operation Center (SOC) services to your organization. Our team can effectively monitor, analyze and escalate ongoing security alerts and events. With effective monitoring and alerting of the security alerts and events, cyber threats and attacks can be timely prevented and mitigated.


Threat detection and escalation

Timely threat detection and escalations to ensure issues are timely fixed.

Incident reporting

Reporting of security incidents including their classification, response, and resolution.

Availability 24x7x365

Our SOC team is available 24x7 around the year.

Proactive Monitoring

Monitoring the network to flag any abnormalities or suspicious activities.



Vulnerability Assessment Service

Vulnerability assessment is used to identify, quantify and analyze security vulnerabilities that exist within the network infrastructure. Our vulnerability assessment service offers vulnerability scanning that will detect and prioritize vulnerabilities based on the risk factor and determine the most effective solution to implement.


Tenant Portal

A Tenant portal where you can manage assets, create, schedule scans and create reports.

Automated Vulnerability scanning

Automated scanning capabilities to identify vulnerabilities across the IT infrastructure quickly.


Prioritization of vulnerabilities based on their severity and potential impact allows to focus on the most critical vulnerabilities first.

Customizable scanning options

Customizable scanning options that allow tailoring the scanning process based on requirements, including scanning schedules, specific targets, and parameters.

Comprehensive reporting and analysis

Comprehensive reports that include detailed information on the vulnerabilities discovered, severity level, and recommendations for remediation, including trend analysis to track the progress of vulnerability remediation.

Support for compliance standards

Compliance standards, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR, and generate compliance reports to help meet the compliance requirements.


Shared service

  1. In shared vulnerability assessment services multiple organizations share the same platforms with limited customization options and no management control.

Dedicated service

  1. Dedicated vulnerability assessment services provide an organization with its own dedicated platforms, offering more flexibility for customization, control, and ownership over the solution including managing updates, configurations, and scheduling scans.
Assets Quantity Price/Month Monthly Scan/Asset Price/Scan
Number of assets - 1 + PKR 2,000 - 1 + Free
Assets Quantity Price/Year Yearly Scan/Asset Price/Scan
Number of assets - 1 + PKR 2,0000 - 12 + Free


Penetration Testing Service

Identifying vulnerabilities and loopholes in infrastructure before an attacker does is very important. It allows organizations to timely fix the identified vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Our highly skilled team is backed by the latest tools and techniques to ensure comprehensive analysis with complete remediation guidelines.


Cross-Platform Pen-Testing

Our penetration testing service offers comprehensive security testing for web, Android, and iOS platforms.

Vulnerability Identification

Using various techniques to identify loopholes and vulnerabilities in an organization's systems.


The exploitation of identified vulnerabilities to gain access to sensitive information or disrupt services.

Reporting and Recommendation

Providing detailed and easy-to-understand reporting that includes recommendations for remediation and improving security.

Comprehensive testing methodology

A rigorous testing methodology that includes both manual and automated techniques to identify vulnerabilities in the target system.

Customizable testing option

Customizable testing options to meet the specific needs of each organization.



Unified Server Protection

Servers are the backbone of any organization and often store sensitive information and critical applications. Without proper security, servers can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks that can lead to data loss, system downtime, and financial losses.
Our Unified Server Protection provides comprehensive protection for servers and helps to ensure that they are secure and compliant with industry standards


Malware Protection

The solution includes advanced antivirus and anti-malware technology to protect against known and unknown threats, including viruses, spyware, and ransomware.

Virtual Patching

Helps to protect servers against known and unknown vulnerabilities. Virtual patching works by monitoring servers for potential vulnerabilities and then applying security patches to protect against these vulnerabilities, even if a software vendor has not yet released a patch.


Helps organizations to detect and respond to threats more quickly and effectively. With XDR, organizations can gain a more complete view of their security posture and identify potential threats that may have been missed by other security tools.

Host-based IPS

Uses behavioral analysis and other advanced technologies to detect and block malicious software and other types of cyber threats before they can cause damage.

Application control and device control

Provides an additional layer of security to protect servers against malicious software and other types of cyber threats by monitoring and blocking suspicious activities on the application and device level.

File Integrity Monitoring

Helps to ensure the integrity of files and directories on a system. FIM continuously monitors the changes made to files and directories on a system, and alerts administrators when unauthorized changes are detected.


Select Protection Type

Quantity Price
Number of VM's - 1 + PKR 2,000 /VM
Quantity Price
Number of VM's - 1 + PKR 12,000 /VM