Why Nayatel Cloud

Cost Effective

International Cloud Platforms cost you a significantly high percentage of taxes, whereas Nayatel Cloud, being locally hosted, is free from any International Tax.

User Defined Network

Manage internal and internet facing networks via interactive user interface. Add/remove/Modify routers, networks with ease.

Minimum Latency

Having the data locally hosted provides added benefit of minimum latency and better response time without any need for CDNs

Ease of Provisioning

Cloud offers complete flexibility when it comes to provisioning virtual machines in Virtual Data Center.

Virtualized Data Center

Design and Build the topology of your choice. Commission, Resize, and Delete VMs using interactive User Interface.

Enhanced Cloud Security

Manage and segregate security policies to minimize the chances of security incidents.

Data Center Hosted in Pakistan
Unlimited Data Transfer (in/out) without any Fair Use Policy
Customize solutions management and support availability
Save on taxes up to 11% w.r.t other public clouds
Local support, offering SLAs as per requirement
Affordable prices
Minimum Latency < 40ms > 100 ms > 100 ms > 100 ms > 100 ms

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