Distinctive Features

Ease of Provisioning

Cloud offers complete flexibility when it comes to provisioning virtual machines in your Virtual Data Centre. Customized profiles can also be tailored according to your needs.

User Defined Network

Manage your network settings in virtual environment using interactive interface. Add/remove network interfaces, routers etc, as per your needs

User Data Protection

Cloud offers you a premium storage plan which enables you to have replicated storages. Therefore, if one site fails, your data will still be available.

Virtual Private Server

In case you don’t require full virtual environment (SDD), Cloud can be used as virtual private server as well. You can run, customize and manage your servers.

Virtualized Datacentre

Cloud offers a highly interactive user interface using which you can provision, decommission, resize, and migrate any instances and volumes.

Enhanced Cloud Security

Each customer’s environment is segregated to minimize the impact of security incidents. Cloud allows company-specific and role-based access controls.

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  • 5% FED Government Taxes Applicable (Save 11%+ on Government Taxes)
  • Bandwidth throughput: 100 Mbps Uplink and 10 Mbps Downlink
  • Unlimited Volume with no FUP (Fair Usage Policy)

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